About Angie

Angie Morin, ACE-HCH is an ACE Certified Health & Wellness Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. She has been a professional sports coach since 1995 and was a professional athlete herself for over 10 years. Angie also holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Media Marketing. Years of training as an athlete strengthened her both mentally and physically. Born with a natural ability to educate and coach, Angie is trusted for her experience and her gift to inspire and bring out the best in others.

Angie competed as a professional horseback rider, for over 10 years. She was sponsored by the national brand, Pennfield Grain. She won numerous championships and titles. After having kids, Angie continued to compete in Dressage without a sponsor and focus more on coaching.

In the next stage of her busy life as a mother of two kids, Angie started to put her own self care on the back burner like so many do. Realizing that she needed to set a better example for her kids, Angie decided to transform her life, prioritizing self care, health and overall wellness.

You are encouraged to read the full blog post about Angie’s transformation from an unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle. She went from eating and drinking uncontrollably, to losing over 55 pounds. She gained control of food addictions and emotional eating. She now enjoys increased confidence and a wide variety of physical activities, keeping her naturally fit and healthy.

Staying active, healthy and fit became a priority, not just for herself but for her kids. So what next? Angie started competing in Spartan races, her kids always by her side cheering her on. Once she finished her first Spartan, she began finding many ways to include her children in activities that keep her active and healthy, while avoiding monotony & boredom.

Since her first Spartan, Angie has taken up MMA fighting, mountain trekking, canoeing, mountain biking on trails, kayaking, paddle boarding and any other activity that presents itself, frequently sharing the activities with her kids. She has even tried trapeze! There isnt anything you won’t see her try. Feeling healthy, well and strong has opened up so many doors and created a sense of happiness and enjoyment she never knew until now.

Having two children makes Angie aware of how hard it can be to find time for self care and fitness. Busy schedules, fatigue, and perceived barriers can get in the way. But, you can make health and wellness enjoyable and a priority, just like Angie did.

Angie can relate to daily struggles, barriers and just simply how hard it is to take that first step. But she also knows how good it feels to accomplish goals, see your life change, and love the body you are in. She has found health through self care and is ready to help you do the same. Journey with Angie through coaching from a place of understanding.

Angie Morin
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
207-569-5354 Angie@AngieMorinWellness.com

Some of the wide variety of activities Angie participates in to stay active, healthy, strong and fit! Be creative. You don’t have to go to the gym everyday if that isn’t your thing. Angie can help you find activities you enjoy and look forward to.