Health, Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

So many people want to create a healthier lifestyle but give up before reaching their goals. They find themselves reaching goals and then falling into old habits and familiar lifestyle again. Why is it so difficult to maintain? Most of us know what to do but not how to implement what we know on a consistent basis.. That’s where a health coach comes in. The key is creating a sustainable lifestyle through behavioral change. The key is making it FUN!

With the use of a one on one client centered, strength based approach, I will assist you in creating SMART goals. These goals will take into consideration your “why”, your current health, your lifestyle, your job, your values, your interests and any potential obstacles. This is not a one size fits all approach, but an program that is unique to you. With the use of behavior modification, we will create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle you will enjoy for years!

Health Coaches provide support and encouragement in a safe and non judgmental environment. A health coach wants to see you succeed and thats just what you’ll do through attainable and incremental goals. Not only will you reach your goals, you will enhance your mind/body connection for increased success in other areas of your life.

Our lifestyle choices play a large role in who we are. Isn’t it time to create a lifestyle that matches who you want to be?

Overall Health and Wellness encompasses many areas of your life. Even one aspect out of balance can affect your overall health. All areas will be addressed to assist you in changing your life and your habits to become the healthiest you can be!

  • Sleep Habits
  • Nutrition (Shopping lists & In House Audits as requested)
  • Overcoming Addictions
  • Overcoming emotional eating and attachment to food
  • Replacing unwanted dietary and lifestyle habits with new healthy habits and nutrition
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Educational Materials
  • Appropriate fitness plan based around activities you ENJOY!
  • Stress Management
  • Managing any pre-existing conditions
  • Balance to enjoy some of the foods you love
  • Strengthening the mind/body connection
  • Creative and unique programming for each client

Lifestyle plays more of a role in our health than genetics

As your coach, I will make this journey enjoyable. We’ll be in this together, creating a program that appeals to your values, interests and goals. The behavioral change component of Health & Wellness Coaching allows clients to be the powerful creators of sustainable change in their own lives. You’ll feel empowered to make lasting change, and I’ll be there to celebrate with you along the way! As an ACE certified Health & Wellness Coach and ACE certified Personal Trainer, I have been trained in the most effective behavior changed exercise programming techniques. I can’t wait to share the excitement of this journey with you!

Your health and wellness is your greatest investment in your future. A healthy lifestyle has been known to prevent disease and in some cases prevent the use of pharmaceuticals for treatment. Isn’t it time we look at ways to prevent diseases instead of manage them? Or, if treatment is necessary, let’s look at ways to enhance results through healthy lifestyle.

Coaching sessions are offered in person or via phone call or Skype.

Angie Morin, ACE Certified Health & Wellness Coach
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

Angie is a lifelong learner. She is constantly pursuing acquisition of new skills, certifications and industry specific information.

Angie is continually enrolled in courses to further her education. This ensures her clients are provided with access to the most recent and relevant material, information and coaching techniques.