“Angie ran a two-month fitness program for my group of young dressage riders aged 11 – 19. Having been doing this for ten years I can easily say this was by far the best program we have ever had – challenging, a lot of variety, and fun. Whenever I asked how the day’s session went the response was always, “It was great!” and usually “and I am so tired”.  It’s not easy to motivate teenagers to truly work on their fitness at the end of a long day, but Angie did it.” – Lendon Gray, Olympic Meddalist and founder of Dressage 4 Kids

“I had bloodwork done early this morning. Six hours later I get a call from my doctor. I never get a call this soon. He sounded cheerful…. lol…. and said in the 10+ years I have had this doctor I have never been this healthy.

He wanted to tell me that I was doing an amazing job and to tell Angie she is a good health and wellness coach. And with that Southern Maine Health Offices know of you.” – J.W.

“Angie is an amazing instructor and has really expanded my fitness horizons. Angie pushes you to your limits and works you, but never over the line. She is very encouraging and makes you push through even to those last few seconds and is very good at comparing you to only yourself and your fitness level.” – K.D.

Angie provided a very well-balanced fitness program of balance, HIIT, core, leg, and arm days while keeping it very fun and suitable for everyone.   CG

From helping us push through hard days to having fun on game days Angie helped us to be the best we can be for our horses; fitness in a vital part of dressage—I am so grateful for Angie’s support and guidance through these last two months!!  CC

From super hard HIT days, to relaxing meditations, to fun games at the park, fitness these past two months with Angie has been so amazing, and we have learned so much about this important aspect of our training!!  DP

Angie taught me to create and use varied fitness schedule, which has proven to be very effective for me. Her positive attitude towards fitness and wellness has helped me keep the momentum going for several weeks now, since the program finished!  SC

Angie was a joy to work with for all of SIT- she was incredibly positive, supportive and encouraged me to work harder then I ever have! I truly enjoyed my time training with her, and I would do so again in a heartbeat.  HP

Angie did an amazing job with our fitness program! It was fun yet challenging!  EN

Angie’s fitness was super, She was extremely motivational and encouraged us to try our best. PK

About Angie’s fitness program: I felt like it made a difference in my riding, and it was really interesting to feel the difference in what I could do during fitness from week to week, Angie was so encouraging, and fitness was really fun! RK

Angie’s fitness program was challenging but always fun and made me a better rider for my pony. FP

Angie inspired me to continue to work out daily even after SIT, she made working out fun and to not feel like a chore! KD

 Angie Morin’s personal approach to fitness training revolutionized my riding. In and out of the arena, Angie gave me the tools I need to be stronger, physically and mentally. I cannot recommend her enough! RK